Rich in cultural history the towns origins date back to 1870 when it was founded as a mission station. Today Upington is a burgeoning hub of commercial activity with most of the commercial banks represented in its CBD. A well supported infrastructure with tarred roads, rail links and an airport. There are excellent medical facilities available in the town supported by outstanding medical practioners and required supporting networks.

Attractions in Upington

  • Camel and Rider Statue:
    In honour of the police and their camels that patrolled the desert
  • Date Palm Avenue
  • Dutch Reformed Church built in 1911
  • Hortentia windmill (1879)
  • Kalahari Oranje Museum:
    built in 1875 originally as a church and mission station
  • Orange River Wine Cellar
  • Roman Catholic Church (1861)
  • Scotty Smith:
    the Robin Hood of the Norther Cape - George St Ledger Gordon Lennox buried in the local cemetery
  • South African Dried Fruit Co-Operative:
    second largest and most modern of its kind in the world
  • Spitskop Nature reserve:
    13 km North of Upinton stocked with a wide array of wildlife
  • Kalahari Kuierfees:
    an annual social festival held during October
    Tel: 054 332 1100
  • Agricultural Expo:
    held annually during May
    Tel: 054 331 2105

Things To Do in Upington

  • Angling
  • Boating
  • Bowling
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Micolights
  • Water sports
  • Sunset cruises on "Sakkie se Arkie"